Compatible Transceivers
100% compatible transceivers for Brocade, Cisco,HP,Enterasys, Extreme, Foundry, HP, Huawei, Marconi, Nortel,etc.SFP, SFP+, XFP, X2, XENPAK,and SFP Cables,these compatible transceiver modules are different models such as BIDI, CWDM, DWDM, from 100Mbps to 10Gbps,and the transceivers are fully compliant with Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SONET/SDH and PON standards, the products range inlcude:FE SFP, GE SFP, OC3 SFP, OC12 SFP, OC48 SFP, BIDI SFP, CWDM SFP, DWDM SFP, Fiber Channel SFP, Multi-Rate SFP, SGMII SFP, OBSAI SFP and compatible SFP,10G XFP, BIDI XFP, CWDM XFP, DWDM XFP and compatible XFP,10G SFP+, BIDI SFP+, CWDM SFP+, DWDM SFP+, 8G SFP+, 6G SFP+ and compatible SFP+.10G XENPAK, CWDM XENPAK, DWDM XENPAK and compatible XENPAK.10G X2, BIDI X2, CWDM X2, DWDM X2 and compatible X2.GE GBIC, BIDI GBIC, DWDM GBIC and compatible GBIC.All these transceivers are very good quality wtih low price. order is easy and we offer fast worldwide delivery door to door by express. typical is next day delivery from our warehouse.
3com compatible transceivers3Com Compatible transceivers
3Com Compatible Transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
Avaya Compatible transceivers Avaya Compatible transceivers
Avaya compatible transceivers SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
Cisco Compatible transceivers Cisco Compatible transceivers
Cisco compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
Dell Compatible transceivers Dell Compatible transceivers
Dell compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
H3C Compatible transceivers H3C Compatible transceivers
H3C compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
HP Compatible transceivers HP Compatible transceivers
HP compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
Intel Compatible transceivers Intel Compatible transceivers
Intel compatible transceivers,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
ZTE Compatible transceivers ZTE Compatible transceivers
ZTE compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.
Zyxel Compatible transceivers Zyxel Compatible transceivers
ZYXEL compatible transceivers ,SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,GBIC,SFP Cables.

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