RoHS Fiber Optics

RoHS Fiber Optics

Evergreen Communications Inc take an active role and we concern it very important about environmental protection and the health of our products users. We are very strict to the raw materials used for our fibre optic products. We suggest our clients choose RoHS compliant products, for the mutual benefit of the end users, the clients and Evergreen Communications Inc.


Rohs Compliant Fiber Optic Products

RoHS is the short form for the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, it was a forced institution made by the European Union. RoHS is made for environment protection and to protect the health of the products users. RoHS mentioned six types of hazardous substances:Pb,Cd,Hg,Cr6+,PBDE and PBB.RoHS restriction was put into effect in July 1st 2006, since that time, all products imported to EU need to be compliant to RoHS standards.

fiber optic products exported to EU also need to be compliant to RoHS standards, actually RoHS is has more to do with the raw materials in this industry ,because fiber optic assemblies are only the work of assembly and no new substances are generated during this process. So all the fiber optic cables, especially the cable jacket, and the fiber optic connector housings, components used, the materials should be environmental-protective and not do harm to user's health.

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